Cyprus Sports Association

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Cyprus holds an attractive racing calendar for ambitious athletes: from company run ultra everything there is. Not without reason Cyprus also serves as a training base for various Olympic sports federations. Quick routes and beautiful coast international established has prior to the Limassol Marathon GSO, which takes place in 2012 in the 18.3. next time. Fast track, which last but not least the beautiful seascapes attract very good organization every year in March a large audience on the island. But also on the other 364 days in the year Cyprus is worth a trip. With only 3 hours of flight, Cyprus also for Spontanentschlossene remains the answer to cold and wet days distance, very moderate prices of travel and compelling variety.

About the Limassol Marathon GSO: the Limassol Marathon Cyprus’s second city was called gymnastics sports the Olympia (GSO) in the life. (Association of international marathons and distance races) is accredited by the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) and AIMS of the Limassol Marathon GSO of the only official Marathon of Cyprus and official marathon race of the Cyprus Sports Association (KAIZER). There likewise alone 1 625 participants from over 30 countries in the marathon in 2011. On the spring run the third largest island of the Mediterranean provides fast and flat stretch along the coastline. The Olympus event management Ltd.

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