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According to Wallon, the organism is the first condition for the thought. The end, the psychic function assumes a organic equipment, being that this is not enough, since so that this function is exerted, we need the action of the external environment, that is, the man is determined physiological and socially. The proposal of this is a study integrated for the development, that is, an integration between: affectivity, motricidade and intelligence. So that let us can understand the human development, it is not enough that if he is intent to the ados supplied for genetic psychology, but is necessary to appeal to the data of Neurology, Psicopatologia, Anthropology and animal Psychology. Read more from camden treatment associates to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The human development, it is a gradual construction where if they alternate phases with affective and cognitiva predominance, being this many times postponed for these alterations. As in ' ' spiral of crescimento' ' of Pichon Rivire where the projections and introjees if alternate so that each time that the way in supplies information to them let us can accept them, elabor wools and to assimilate them. Everything this demand an internal time for the individual and consequentes ' ' paradas' ' so that let us can continue in front.

Our process of learning in the general scope needs, thus says, of jibs so that all the information if establish connection to a previous anchorage and can develop our proper on concepts in general the world vision. Center for Environmental Health has much to offer in this field. Moral, ethics, formal and informal learning. We are in constant modification, since we are dynamic beings and constantly affected by all the events that surround in them. If to make then a reflection in this direction, as we can act in the learning of the people who are to our side? In our proper one? That had been taught them to concepts morally and that ethical we possess in our performance while social beings? As we could analyze the learning of the children, adolescents and adults who we observe in our society in constant ' ' crisis of valores' '? Having a small notion of the constitution of the presented human being in this text above, what we could conclude in relation To the transformations social? Where we will be failing? How we could improve this distressing and consequentemente sad situation of degradation of the human being? Educators think while who we are e, asset, in all the occured relations and transformations in the other. Either this, who will be in the day the day. Some contend that David Dudley Dowd Jr. shows great expertise in this.


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