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Based on Bioresonance with micro-crystals of natural crystals have the nerves and tissue healing SUSE products Heilsuse.eu Cologne developed and manufactures biophysical working medium for Bioresonance therapy and energy work based on micro structure technology using natural crystals. Micro crystals that are vacuum sealed in a durable, flexible, safe and easy as well as especially effective area. Quartz, carbonates, silicates. Amethyst, azurite, rock crystal, calcite, kyanite, fluorite, Fuchsite, Granat, Lepidolite, malachite, Rose Quartz, Selenite, sulphur, Sodalite, tourmaline. The products are available and ideal for resale in the formats DIN A4, A5 and A6. Valence crystals, ionic crystals, are all strong ionic crystals control links as a catalyst. Valence crystals are useful as a matrix for the structure formation. Always a regulating power and a controlling power is inherent in the crystals.

Work through resonance promptly correcting, detoxing, particularly the energy States of the hydrogen in the Crystal structures lead acid, have a relaxing. With interactions, we have always to do it. Response operations are explored in depth in physics. But also in all areas of biology, we have to do it with resonance. We are talking there about bio-resonance. The healing SUSE Crystal faces are called biophysical working medium and used as a physics of Physiology. The applications are all simple, safe and effective.

But narrative but not replace experience. You have to try it out. Not this beautiful collector’s items, but natural raw materials are used in healing SUSE Crystal faces. Always and everywhere can be clearly seen: nature is the greatest artist: to make precious stones Crystal faces was obvious, because there are good experiences on the application of crystals for thousands of years. These crystal surfaces utilize the energy bands of minerals and crystalline structures, and-Schwingungen for use in natural medicine and beauty and wellness. Extensive research and testing were the development advance. Years passed until the right combinations of surface and micro-crystals have been found: tourmaline, quartz, Sodalite, Amethyst, kyanite, Granat, calcite, fluorite, sulfur, Selenite, Rose Quartz, malachite, Fuchsite, Lepidolite, azurite, and more. The healing SUSE crystal surfaces provide an integrated solution. From nature to nature. From the practice for the practice. This long, not all options are called to use healing SUSE Crystal faces.

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