Creative Process

by HFCadmin ·

The creative process was born of an idea, is therefore a mental process, you do not confuse you thinking that it is a physical process. No, the physical process consists in the materialization of an idea but the creative process is purely mental. You create your material reality in your mental reality therefore as having success depends on that you enter in the spirituality of the exit. A person with a positive mental attitude is focused on solutions and not problems, sees an opportunity in every obstacle, every difficulty, in each issue to find a solution. Pra exercise develop a positive Mental attitude you invite when you are done reading this do the following exercise to develop a positive Mental attitude. Sit tranquil in the tranquility of your home if you’re there, or if you are in your work, then do it at an appropriate time. It uses a blade blank, draw a central vertical stripe of mode of leaving two vertical columns. Written as titles, to the left: NO, and to the right; Yes on the left anotaras the thoughts that are part of your structure mental refusal, your fears, your insecurities, your anger, your sadness, the things that you are ashamed, the things that are not working, what would you say I have to change to make my life as it should be.

Get it and tries to write the same things in positive terms on the right side. Remember that knowing how to succeed is a knowledge that requires lots of constant and systematic practice, is studied in a book, but you learn in reality. Suppose that today you do not cuidaste your body as you’d wanted to take care of it, you ate too much, you bebiste too, you not ingeriste your nutritional supplements, etc. This goes on the left side, along with the NO of the day.

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