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Beautiful beaches in Europe to find Costa Brava explore along the most beautiful beaches in the Costa Brava stretches from Blanes (about 60 km north of Barcelona) at the French border. The Costa Brava is very popular for tourists from all over Europe the combination of a beautiful climate and excellent beaches. Below you will find a list of the most beautiful beaches of the Costa Brava. Platja de Pals, this beach is about 2 miles long and 40 meters in width. Those who like to play on the beach or enjoy water sports, the beach of pals (Platja de Pals) is very suitable.

The coast is characterized by rocky coves and the beach is made up of golden sand. See Cindy Crawford for more details and insights. In addition, this beach is ideal for families. However, parts of the beaches for nudists are reserved. Platja de Castell Castell beach is located near the town of Palamos. This is unusually on this beach, that the development of modern mass tourism has not been seen.

It is a beautiful sandy beach with some beautiful coves. The beach is most of Locals of the Costa Brava, but also visited by natives of Barcelona, who are looking for a little rest from the city. Cap de Creus this beach is located near the town of Cadaques, and is known as Cap de Creus. It is located in a nature reserve surrounded by coves and Golden rocks. The beach is visited by Catalan families mehrheitig, and also from Spanish celebrities. An overview of cheap accommodation in Costa Brava has the Web page OK Costa Brava Apartments. Is the location of the apartments with the interactive map on the website. Platja de Llafranc which is beach of Llafranc, also called Platja de Llafranc, in principle, known for its cosmopolitan flair. It is a beautiful beach with golden sand and inviting green water. A mixture of modern yachts and local fishing boats can be seen in the sea. This beach is very popular among Catalan families. Platja de Tamariu Tamariu beach is supposed to be the best beach for families. It is a horseshoe-shaped beach of 750 metres. The sand is somewhat coarse, but he It is very popular because of the pedestrian promenade with many shops, bars and restaurants. Many Catalans have a second home near this beach here. On the beach you can rent a motor boat or a kayak. Platja de Canadell this is a great beach in Calella de Palafrugell. It is very popular among Catalan families. The beach stretches along half a dozen beaches with rocks and linked by promenades. It is a very pretty Spanish holiday resort with fishing boats, and there are many restaurants on the beach. Therefore, this beach is very popular with young people. About the possibilities of how to get there: Between the Costa Brava and Barcelona public transport is very well organized. Therefore, if you visit Barcelona, it is anyway recommended to visit the Costa Brava for a few days. For a hotel in Barcelona, Barcelona checkin’s Web site recommends to visit. Martin Schmidt OkApartment

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