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The PAVM is evidenced in intubados patients, after more than 48 hours of ventilation mechanics, being a way of used artificial treatment in UTIs 9. According to Haringer 8, the 2009 risk to acquire pneumonia increases the three ten times in patients under ventilation mechanics. According to Carneiro and Saridakis10, the 2008 Acinetobacter baumanni is considered an infectious agent of great importance, therefore it is capable to persist in environments hopitalares for long time, the high level of resistance and being opportunist, therefore survive in diverse types of environments. In study carried through in a hospital of Rio De Janeiro, the microrganismo most prevalent was the Acinetobacter baumannii, what condiz with the present research, that verified the presence of this micorganismo in 42 (38.9%) samples 3. Some estudos11,6 evidence that the aeruginosa Pseudomonas is microrganismos frequent involved in hospital infections and its resistance is preoccupying.

Axe, Guilande and Marcondes6, 2007 had carried through a study in a university hospital of the west of the Paran, where the prevalence of this bacterium was of 17,6%, inferior value to the found one in this study 23.1%. The Staphylococcus aureus is found generally in the mucosae and skin of the men and animals. This agent frequent is related the diseases human beings, as pneumonias, bacteremias, soft infections of skin and fabrics. He presents high capacity of development and resistance due bigger adaptation to the intense use of antimicrobialses 12. In the present study, it could be observed that the Staphylococcus aureus was present in 15 (13.9%) samples, however this result was contrary to the told one in a hospital of Belm, that verified the prevalence of 30,7% of this microrganismo 13. In a study carried through for Oliveira, Vieira and Sadoyama14, 2010 in the Hospital of the Clinics of Goinia, where it was evaluated prevalence and the profile of aureus sucetiblidade of the Staphylococcus demonstrated that it, it has one high tax of prevalence in the UTIs, and is one of the patgenos that more appear in the results of the analyses of the Clinical Laboratory of Microbiology of the HC/UFG, found in all the sections of internment of the hospital, gifts in diverse clinical specimens as blood, srecrees of wounds operatria, with greater accuses in the secretion analyses.


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