Cleaning And Purifying After A Fire

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After the fire, there is a problem that requires a quick solution – cleaning and purification, and in some situations and repairs. Undesirable odors are eliminated rather easily with the use of chemicals, and more sophisticated pollution are removed only with the help of professionals and special ways. Detailed surface patch is likely if the fire affected sites is negligible. If the same fire damaged the house identity overhaul equipment, there are many problems with knitted with the cleaning after the fire, which effectively solved by cleaning technology soda-blasting. Soda Blasting – cleaning technology, in which sodium bicarbonate under pressure is applied to the surface using compressed air through a special machine blastingovy.

The method is similar to the traditional blast cleaning, but it has an advantage when cleaning the sensor, so as not damage the work surface and is completely safe for the environment and human health. Sodium bicarbonate is water soluble and environmentally safe. Soda blasting is effective in such work, just cleaning up after a fire. Using this method, carbon black and soot removed from any materials (wood, concrete, metal, etc.) and surfaces (walls, place a ceiling). Technology-soda blasting can not only clean the burnt parts, but to prepare damaged items for repair, painting and restoration.

Also in the restoration after the fire fading unwanted odors from the premises because the smoke and soot are removed completely. Cleaning after a fire using soda-blasting – "clean" procedure, so that water is used in a minimal amount or no use, and waste of soda – Dirty (200-300 grams per minute). Soda Blasting – the best way out if you need cleaning after a fire. Damaged surface effectively cleaned and ready for restoration in the shortest possible time. This technology removes the toxic sludge, soot, smoke and odors after a fire. Plus all the advantages of the soda-blasting can reduce the cost of all cleaning up after a fire.

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