Child Development Toys

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And if you think about what good parents are waiting, buying at first, all sorts of helpful toys for your child? Mathematical turn of mind from logical pyramids and liners? Architectural abilities of designers? Actor's art by the glove and finger puppets? – No. That child will leave them alone, selflessly engaged in its development? – No (in any case, in that we will never admit it). Approximate answer will most likely be what we all want to help your child become a clever, kind to It is different from art from dilettantism to set and achieve new for him the top, well, and, of course, loved and respected us. It is for this reason we rushed to the assault on the vast library of children's education by buying a set aids, toys, art kits, and more. But dipping into this whole whirlwind of information, we do not take into account that we first of all parents, not the guru of child psychology. Failed to realize that only we, the parents (of course, not without all the necessary knowledge) can come into harmony with their children, because children first and foremost, we need our love, and everything else – just a tool in our hands. Forgetting about the tv and their adult problems, Mom and Dad enter the world of a child, inspired by building him new cities out of blocks, landscaped dollhouse, gather together puzzles or play bingo – that's the problem of excess toys in the nursery.

We do not teach child to talk, we just communicate with him, and he begins to speak. Child's need in the game as laid down in it by nature, it is only necessary to show how this need can be met. If a family atmosphere love, trust and understanding, solve problems together, then all our hopes for a happy future for our children must be met. But what about the toys for kids? – It's just another great reason to have fun and interesting spend time with the child, an aid in the initial stage of building your relationship. With their help, you can easily teach new skills, make the first opening and to show that life is very much important and interesting. Paradoxical as it may sound, teach your children to play, because that is our life? –

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