Child Behavior

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The problem of family relationship includes several very serious problems. There is a problem associated with the emergence of the family. How will the relations between husband and wife, will depend largely on what patterns of family life, young people saw in their families, and on what patterns of behavior they impose on intra-community, the media. Culture of behavior with the opposite sex young people learn in the first place in the family. Here they get their first experience of future husbands, wives, fathers and mothers. The parents bear a huge responsibility for the future of children, because their behavior they lay model for future family life.

If in the family was dominated by respect, courtesy, caring for children, respect for each other, it is precisely this model and reproduce in their own family or a young person girl. Another problem – it is a question of psychological culture, psychological literacy. When a classic saying: "To have children who lacked the intelligence?" Someone may well have children of his own mind and health. But if everyone can properly educate these children and give them a personal basis, which would work properly then throughout their lives? Why this should be considered? Because there are periods age sensory. For example, if I do, and you suddenly want to become a professional ballet or figure skating, any coach will say later, my dears, it's late. The great psychologist Lev Vygodskii said there are sensitive periods in human life, then there are times when it is particularly easy to possession of the information, skills and abilities in a particular area.

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