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As you change your habits annoying! Frequently come to me unhappy people with some of your habits, which despite being them much trouble, have failed to change. Habits are uses and customs that are rooted to our personality until almost seems only one with her and so are difficult to notice, difficult to identify and difficult to change. Frequently supermodel has said that publicly. We believe that we are so: messy or ordained, affable or quick-tempered, calmed or accelerated. We confuse our way to face some everyday situations with our personality. While habits are a way of expressing our personality, they are only visible features of it and not the same personality. This wants to say that we can change many of the things we do, modify the way we do them and still keep our personality. Habits are created to force repeat actions many times and are often diverted to what demands the least effort while this does not get the best result. To change a habit is required: identify the habit that bothers me, define what I want to change, decide what you’ll do, periodically review the progress, celebrate the triumph.

Identify the habit that bothers me some habits are good or do not generate me discomfort, I am aware of its benefits and therefore I do not intend to change them. If I have the habit of walking 30 minutes a day and it benefits me, I agree with this and enjoy it, no problem, therefore I have nothing to change. If on the contrary I have the habit of eating many sweets and this generates me problems of health, anxiety, tension and other discomforts, this can be a habit that I would like to change. It often happens that it frequently identified as annoying, is not the habit itself, but the consequences caused by this habit. Bothers me bloat, bad temper makes me be fat, it bothers me not having enough agility due to overweight, are usually symptoms of disorderly eating habit and at the same time they can cause other inconveniences, then I must identify the cause that generates the trouble to correct it effectively.

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