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One of the experts of the World Foundation, Martin Wiseman, said that all the data they are favorable recommendation preservation of health, but can not be absolute truths in the lives of everyone. Cancer does not just occur and affect their health and everyone can. But here it is important to recall that the cancer – this is one of those diseases causes which have not been clarified until the end. More than 60% of the factors are beyond human control, so only one power supply is not unlimited. Professor Wiseman said only that more than 3 million people annually could prevent the development of cancer in his body, if complied with the recommended diet and lead a healthy life, without gaining weight. 3 million from 10 million the total number of those who became ill with cancer each year – it's still enough to think about …

The most common "cancers" are colon cancer and breast cancer: the exact data of the tumor found in his relationship with the development of body weight. Excess weight is more degree is linked with them, confirm some other studies. "Proctology" promotes cancer especially food, which was subjected to long heat obroabotke: bacon, ham, sausage and salami. In general, red meat more than five hundred grams a week is not desirable. As for alcohol, moderate intake of it is valid.

But what is moderate? For example, the British government has developed specific recommendations for dose Alcohol: but they are slightly higher than obtained in the course of the research results. The recommended amount of alcohol per day for men is a double portion, and for women is enough for one. And one more recommendation, rather surprising at first glance. Experts recommend reducing consumption of fruit juice: and all because of sugar, which may contribute to obesity. Scientists, nutritionists point out the benefits of breastfeeding, not only for the baby, but also for mom: her risk of breast cancer is reduced, and the child is less likely to get overweight. Yes, now obese, and babies. The data obtained require additional verification, but practice, they often prove themselves successful. Specialist British organization for women with breast cancer patients, Anthony Dean, said that it is important to follow all the recommendations in the system. Similarly, only to say about the importance of One particular factor is not possible: they interact with each other, make the whole system. Especially attentive to their health must be after 50 years – a period when the risk of cancer especially increases: this is confirmed by experimental data: women after 50 – the most common patients are diagnosed with oncologists 'breast cancer'. That's why experts recommend and to pay more attention to weight loss, stick diet that would maintain health.

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