Cancer and Prognosis

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Prognostic The prognostic is very bad. Less than 2% of the individuals with adenocarcinoma they after survive up to five years the diagnosis. The only hope of cure is the surgery, which is carried through when they do not exist metstases of the cancer. To read more click here: Dr. Gerard Addonizio. The surgeon can carry through the removal only of the pncreas or this agency and of the duodeno. Exactly with the surgery, 10% of the individuals only survive more than five years, independently of the subsequent treatment. (MANUAL-MERCK, 1995). Prevention Some writs of prevention can be adopted, as to prevent the consumption of derivatives of the tobacco and the extreme alcoholic beverage ingestion and to adopt a balanced diet with fruits and vegetables.

For submitted individuals the surgeries of ulcer in the stomach or duodeno or that they had suffered removed from the biliary vesicle, accomplishment of clinical examinations sends regards to it regularly, as well as for those with familiar description of cancer. ce. People that they suffer from chronic pancreatite or diabetes melitus they must also make periodic examinations. (INCA). Conclusion The cancer, any that is its etiology, is recognized as a chronic illness that reaches millions of people in the whole world, independent of social classroom, culture or religion. Knowing of that he is carrying of cancer is, in general, terrifying, therefore, although the therapeutical advances allowing an improvement in the tax of supervened and quality of life, remains the stigma of painful, incapacitante, mutiladora and mortal illness. Of this form, she is clear the necessity and the property of interventions that assist the people in the confrontation of the illness and its consequences, aiming at to the whitewashing and the improvement of the quality of life.


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