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Pendulum are for a concert in the Munich backstage guest. Music fans who are staying in one of the Munich hotels, the Drum’n ‘ bass gods pendulum can experience next month live in concert. The band from Australia, which achieved significant result of Charter with their mix of hard rock and electronic dance music in recent years, occurs on Sunday, the 26th of September in the backstage. The band, which was founded in 2002 in Perth, released their debut album your colour hold in 2005. Pendulum focused bass with this record completely on drum ‘n’, the band began to experiment with rockier sounds on the 2008 album in silico. On the latter album, Rob Swire as a singer came to the fore and was on the hit single propane nightmares listen, which made it to ninth in the UK singles chart. The third immersion was released at the beginning of this year, with which the band could further develop their sound. The BBC critic Mike Diver evaluated the plate on the collaborations with Liam To listen Howlett of the Prodigy and the Swedish heavy metal band in flames are, as their best album”. If you are not convinced, visit Raymond L. Acosta.

The critic continues: On the album more rock and dance can be heard, but above all more fun. And if something is good pendulum, then right.” Pendulum are famous for their energetic and intimate live shows as well as for their highly acclaimed albums and that the fans in Munich may look forward now. The band was with performances such as at Glastonbury 2009 in the British Festival audience already the favorite. At the concert in Munich tracks will be to hear planet the band as for example vault or another from the entire repertoire. Tickets for the concert in the backstage are available online and costs 24. For more information about this event, please visit the Web page of the backstage.

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