Bladder Infection

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What can I do to prevent a bladder infection? In women’s health, the problem is a major issue of cystitis, because the anatomy of the female increases the risk to an inflammation of the bladder. The urethra is so short, that pathogens can easier get in the bubble than is the case with males. Vaginal infections can occur even when an intensive skin care, which can spill over into serious cases also on the bubble. A weakened immune system or a change in the lining of the favor an infection of the bladder. Contribute also tension of the basin, caused for example by stress, deep-seated fears or nervousness, and the resulting poor blood circulation. Perhaps check out Jack Jones for more information. Diabetics, pregnant women, and women after menopause are also more prone to bladder infections due to the changes of the mucous membranes.

The first symptoms include burning during urination and frequent urination. The infection is stronger, come darker Urine, pain in the lower abdomen and fever, sometimes nausea and vomiting as symptoms to do so. There are many different drugs and medicines, the is today also, simply pharmacy or an Internet pharmacy can be ordered in addition to the traditional way, in a shipment. In mild cases you can try it with some gentle methods but also only once. Hot sitz baths bring relief, and placing a heating pad or a hot water bottle on the abdomen, that helps also to pain minimize. It is advisable to drink a lot. Best 3 liters daily. Still mineral water and also kidney-bladder tea blends are suitable.

Here it is on the correct dosage and preparation. The tea should be consumed slowly and SIPs. Also raw food is recommended to prefer, and on coffee, chocolate, salt and meat, so it goes well, to abandon. If the symptoms do not subside after two days, a medical examination is necessary. Antibiotics are usually prescribed. Important, in this case, it is always the correct dosage, to comply with, and above all the medicine so long to take as prescribed. Otherwise there is the danger that germs survive and eventually trigger the next infection. In order to limit the negative effects of the antibiotic on intestinal flora and vaginal environment, you can take lactic acid or yeast supplements during treatment. Women, who often suffer from bladder infections, should review some points in their lifestyle. In addition to the hygiene, also a vitamin and mineral nutrient-rich diet is important. During times of stress, it is advisable, to consciously plan relaxation and also maintain. Hypothermia of the abdomen should absolutely be avoided and pay attention especially in the cold season, warm underwear and warm feet.

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