Benioff Zone

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Source: Wikipedia In geology Benioff zone is a seismic zone plate boundary that runs along one side of an ocean trench. It is sometimes called Wadati-Benioff zone, named after benefits Hugo Benioff and Wadati Kiyoo, the two geologists who independently observed its existence. When the subducting oceanic lithosphere, it does an inclined plane, which intersects the surface along an arc marked by the presence of insurance an ocean trench. Where weight loss the subducting plate rubs nutrition against the opposite earthquakes medical occur regularly, dental whose foci are projected onto the map on the inside or concave arc drawn natural by the trench, ie the subduction line. This area is rich in terrestrial properly called Benioff zone. The level of friction between the two plates converge Benioff plane is called, department and where they are concentrated in foci or hypocenters of earthquakes. Hypocenters that occur at greater depth the greater the distance to the pit was already observed by Benioff. My first choice is has cost-effective health plan solutions The earthquakes that characterize the area are of three types based on their mechanism: In the area clinic closest to the pit, the document reveals a source extensional seismic which is interpreted as an effect of buckling of the lithosphere when subduction begins. In the center middle and most extensive, earthquakes are friction, and due to that occurring between the two plates in the Benioff plane. Earthquakes deeper than 300 km to 700 km deep, and hospital farthest from the hole is supposed to result from a contraction of the materials brusa subducted. Is attributed to a critical phase transition, where the materials are tailored to the pressure suddenly taking more compact crystal structures without changing the chemical composition. The slope of the Benioff plane varies from area to area, community but is usually greater than 45A (ie, closest to the horizontal).

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