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Some studies the manifestation of disease related to the amount of toxins accumulated in the body. When a patient develops once the disease is likely to return it to develop again throughout his life. However the genetic component is not exclusive, often an outbreak of psoriasis has a Polygenic origin, is also associated with stress, and usually appears as a reaction to an excess of toxins in our body. Also, the use of some medications, bacterial or viral infections, poor nutrition, depression, low levels of defenses or prolonged exposure to cold, are also associated with outbreaks of psoriasis. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED? Psoriasis is a chronic disease and is necessary to learn to live with it. Treatments against psoriasis can eliminate injuries and cause a great improvement, but there is a treatment that produces a definitive cure.

Mild cases are treated with medicines topical as antibiotics, corticoids, lubricants, lotions however all these palliative drugs or preventive do not always have the desired effect, and on many occasions, such as cortisone, you have multiple contraindications. When a person has only a few plaques, psoriasis responds well to treatment. Also emollient used one or two times a day to lubricate the skin keep it hydrated, as well as ointments creams that contain salicylic acid, or ultraviolet light which in certain cases can help eliminate psoriasis. WHAT BRINGS THE PROCESSING OF ALOE VERA? The ingestion of aloe vera drunk provides much of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed for good nutrition and therefore for the good health of the organism. It also acts in the renal system diluting toxins and facilitating their elimination. I.e. attacks the disease from its origin. Other components of aloe vera that has been proven effective against psoriasis is acid acetylsalicylic, who managed in the form of cream in addition to power the same penetration, moisturizes the skin and has an emollient effect.

In the early 1990s Dr. Syed conducted a double blind study in Saudi Arabia (inspection should be conducted a similar test in another group to avoid ta action of called placebo effects) which clearly demonstrated the qualities of Aloe Vera to control psoriasis. The study lasted four months, with a follow-up of 12 months more, the result was 83.3% that applied a cream of aloe were cured, while placebo cured only 6.6%. This and other studies have shown that aloe vera acts as regenerative cell in the skin of our body, and that the application of creams rich in aloe vera gives results that, in the majority of cases, mitigate the outbreak of psoriasis, (especially in the early days, when the scales are few), relieve symptoms, and with the constant implementationeliminate them. SOME issues that should be know the psoriasis is not a contagious disease. Injuries can worsen in winter, after scrapes, infections, sunburn and some medicines. The first thing is to maintain the hydration of the skin and prevent burns, using protective sun creams. Exposure to direct sunlight helps the majority of patients, but they must expose cautiously, since excessive exposure can worsen them.

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