All New Year

by HFCadmin ·

So the next risk event, it does not forget to buy gifts for everyone, but it will turn out like Bukin, when he was on New Year's gifts come without the sad consequences which is also characteristic reflected in the New Year. Now we go any further, we must not forget to congratulate all of this ring up on the phone, write a sms, send by mail, and so on, and again the main one not to forget, and then later in the new year, why do I not greeted the New Year, and, behold, it is better to not forget anyone, so just prepare a list that is doing everything on the list, ring up, write it, then this list somewhere lose, under the tree, and on the morning of his someone will find and tell you how you could congratulate me on the New Year on the list. Therefore, the list, after the execution to be destroyed. So kind to all, yes there can be no more has been written, it is my extreme art in the past year, all still today a working day, wondering who thought of to make Dec. 31 a working day, but we have holidays under one sharpened, straight and do not know what to say, you did not say, but ten days in January, and ten days in May we accustomed to not working, and making their working days there is nothing to correct. For the year, I wrote a bunch of articles were meaningless, were good here, too, need to understand if you write every day, then the quality is not much you pay attention, if on the contrary, write once a week, picked up the material, and articles go more or less. But the quality that must be present, not always justified, sometimes with a view to promotion of the site needed for a short time to collect forty thousand characters, and if there is to sustain the quality, then the promotion is not so important here is precisely the moment that is not important quality and quantity. Whether a thief Interest on finance, creating business plans, which clearly reflected and painted formulas, which were understandable after such a description to any user could issue a directory "Financial Management for Dummies". And as such publications were not published, it may be next year will be issued a Handbook, by the way, we need to write this idea, and then forget. So, back to the topic (about what you would see what articles come to our catalog of articles on the moderation, the horror), the latter risk – the risk of overeating, how to use it fight not know, bought two weeks, waiting for midnight, and stop yourself and say enough, can not, and you have nothing to advise. All New Year!


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