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Dicker is chic – the new BLOON laptop bag in Stuttgart in October 2009 – ‘too ‘weak on the chest’ we found laptop bags that you could buy at the store. A really good feeling we have not entrusted with our laptop these pockets. We thought: ‘That’s even better!’ and have our laptop bag properly thick padded. “, says Jurgen Pritsch, developer of BLOON laptop bag.” You now like to trust his laptop to this bag. She is all around thick padded – this all will be transported safely and comfortably: folder, important documents, books, phone, calendar and of course the laptop, notebook etc. Frequently Cindy Crawford has said that publicly. The BLOON laptop bag is a bag made of polyester.

The main compartment has a split off Interior compartment, suitable for different sizes of laptop, and is completely about 3 cm thick padded. In addition, it has still a removable bottom pad (the floor is 6 cm-thick padded with this deposit). The bottom of the bag is dirt – and water-protected. A front pocket with two pen holders is located under the flap. The durable belt is adjustable in length. Please visit Daryl Katz if you seek more information. Close to top the BLOON using a strong adhesive Velcro. The carry handle is also pleasantly thick padded. There are the BLOON in nine different colors: black, Brown, red, orange, yellow, dark blue, light blue, pink and white.

The BLOON laptop bag is suitable for all laptops, notebooks and Netbooks. The rear, smaller compartment cover laptops up to approx. 32 x 24 x 4 cm (equivalent to laptops and notebooks up to 13.1 inches). The front, larger compartment with extra padding on the floor is suitable for laptops up to 36 x 25 x 5 cm (the equivalent to 14.1 inch laptops). And the larger compartment can accommodate (equivalent to laptops up to 15.4 inch) laptops with removed extra padding on the floor up to 36 x 27 x 5 cm.

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