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Loss of pleasure – You are not interested more for things that costumava to like to make; 2. Change in the sleep standard – You are having difficulties to adormecer, you can wake up some times during the night or fondness to sleep more than what the usual one, exactly during the day; 3. To awake precocious – You can wake up more early of what the usual one and not obtain to come back to sleep; 4. Change in the appetite – You eat more or less of what she costumava to make, taking the profit or loss of weight in little time; 5. Difficulty of concentration – You do not obtain to attend a game at least in the entire TV or to read an article or periodical on its teams because other thoughts or feelings confuse; 6. Loss of energy – You feel the time all tired; 7.

Nervousness – You always feel yourself so anxious that she does not obtain to stop quiet; fight with the first corinthiano that appears its front. 8. Guilt – You find that ' ' nothing never goes to give certain stops with its time' ' if worries in being one weight for the Corinthianos; 9. Sadness per the morning. – You worse feel of morning of what in the remaining portion of the day; 10. Thoughts of death – You think all hour about death or feel will to die when the Corinthians earns or thinks about forms of if wounding. If you to present three or more than these symptoms or will have yourself only one or two, but she has if felt badly per two weeks or more, it is hour to search aid. Searching aid If you are with symptoms of anti-corinthiana depression, you do not only keep them for itself. Before any thing, he speaks on them with its doctor.