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Vadim Nabokov

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– The language you have really spectacular at times, so strange to hear, especially from the author that he considers it a disadvantage. – We must take a sober look at the place in modern life processes. Virtually all areas of human activity can be traced tough trend to utility and simplification, with which, unfortunately, one person can not cope under force, and even try not worth it. However, this does not mean that I refuse his style. – I got the impression that, apart from occurring in your thriller of events you would like tell how to compose novels? Or am I not right? – Part And yet, maybe you're right, because this thriller is largely improvised, these were the rules of the game called "novel-online>>. – Why did almost ten years after thriller "The heavy fall in>> and" Blinded by the shadow>> you have returned to Vadim Nabokov and Laura Bayard? You are not entirely accurate, this ten-year interval was written script "Pond oblivion>>, where again the protagonists were Vadim and Laura.

However, it was, so to speak, trying to understand from within the state of a pregnant woman, not physical, of course. In other words, to understand how going on in the consciousness and subconscious of the living flesh of life. – That is, we can say that at that moment you have experienced so-called "midlife crisis>> what happens on a subconscious level, with Vadim Nabokov in your new thriller? – Please do not repeat other people's stupidity! No, Nabokov there is no crisis! Every man, no matter how cynical he was in the process of life, always dreaming about a single and universal love, that's all.