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Brief History of MLM

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According to experts at Network Marketing or Multilevel Marketing or MLM for short in English, Carl Rehnborg was the first contractor that we use a successful network marketing program. According to these experts Rehnborg seems to have been the first that allowed the sellers to get sponsored by their standing committees, a source of steady income would be maintained throughout the life of the business. In 1920 Rehnborg was representative of a manufacturer in China, at the start of civil war as a prisoner Rehnborg stay in the foreign quarter of Shanghai, was forced to endure hunger with a diet of water and rice, the supplement is making soup diet plants, grass and rusty nails to replace the lack of iron in the diet. This gave him many lessons and ideas about the value of nutrition. Upon returning to the United States supplements alimanticios development based on alfalfa, parsley, spinach, watercress, carrots, vitamnas and minerals. In 1934 the company founded California Vitamin Company, later changed her name to Nutrilite Products Inc, a name known to resonate at the enterprise level. Nutrilite operated as a conventional signature until 1945, when Rehnborg introduced a new plan to reward the salespeople of the company, the plan showed most of the frills that we associate today with Network Marketing.

The plan permitted any distributor of Nutrilite with 25 regular retail customers, new sales associate and get a 3% commission for your sales. This commission was maintained while the member remained in Nutrilite, so for the first time direct sellers could develop a common sales organization to generate residual income as do Wall Street investors, writers and artists. Nutrilite distributors could now achieve empowerment based on the effort of others. Many managed to be very successful.